Ray-Ban launched the “Ittakescourage” UK declaration activities

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Global high-end glasses leading companies Luxottica group’s top Sunglasses brand Ray-Ban, announced the launch of global brand outlet declaration activities, Ittakescourage. UK as one of the group’s important strategic market, will be launched “Ittakescourage” in July 2016 with the global synchronization Ray-Ban UK brand discount declaration activities.

This propaganda film was filmed in London, under the lens the dramatis personae is brave and loyal to himself, they dare to embrace is not perfect, in the meanwhile to challenge stereotypes vulgar, seek to break through the shackles of self, to live out the color of the self.

During the cheap activities, Ray-Ban brand will launch in the UK, “Ittakescourage” the theme of the declaration. Encourage the younger generation to face the evaluation, open their hearts, put aside the secular vision, redefine the way of life and experience the power of courage. The declaration will focus on the theme of “courage”, invite the younger generation to share their social stories.


Ray-Ban for the United States Air force produced a discount tilt mirror reflective Sunglasses, providing maximum cheap visual protection to the UK user. Ray Ban UK excellent more attracted many celebrities in the world and international stars admire. Being aftered all the time, and never have been passed!

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This Ray Bans Erika UK women sunglasses RB4171, outlet use tortoiseshell frames, non polarized light crystal glass table mirror, provide 100% UV protection.

Eyeglass width 54mm, height of 39mm, mirror leg length 139mm.

Classic Ray-Ban UK Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray Ban UK Travelers Sunglasses popular, in addition to the star effect, its discount shading effect has been praised. It has a very strong shading effect, can block one hundred percent of the ultraviolet rays, while filtering out harmful rays, can effectively protect the eyes. It is fashionable Joker shape and cheap exquisite workmanship, and a variety of outlet color optional, can mix any poses, and never out of date.ray ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold limited edition glasses, with 18K gold material to create a classic pilot style!

Ray Ban uk

Ray Ban UK Aviator Solid Gold limited edition glasses, with 18K gold material to create a classic pilot style!Precious metal frame, polarizing G-15 crystal lenses and exclusive leather packaging, as a classic Aviator Sunglasses styles of luxury cheap version, it exudes endless elegant charm. Global set limit to 1200. Each pair of glasses legs inside have a striking number, will become a luxury lifestyle believers eagerly looked forward to.

Pilots are the original inspiration of this discount classic style, (Ray-Ban) Aviator Solid Gold sunglasses, like the pilot to fly the aircraft, Push the style and functionality to a new height. 18K gold frame and glasses legs, G-15 crystal polarizing lens, polarizing filter provides 360 degrees anti glare protection and anti reflective coating, luxurious frame adhering to the brand is committed to the most advanced outlet technology of the commitment. The lens not only provides for sunlight good protection, more can stop level reflected glare, better vision, reduce eye fatigue, to achieve more excellent visual comfort.